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Ronald Lee Geigle Writes a Rowdy, Environmental Love Letter to the Great Northwest of the 1930s

The Woods
By Ronald Lee Geigle

Everything is broken. The foundations of society have been split wide open by the Great Depression. Yet the people and their dreams persevere.

Blasting railways into the side of mountains, scaling Douglas firs that tower 200 feet. These visions draw 18-year-old Albert Weissler to a job with the Skybillings Logging Company in the high mountains of Washington State. But a train crash on a mountainside that kills a friend, and Albert’s discovery that it was sabotage,
quickly dash boyhood dreams and launch a saga of love, grand dreams, and
transformation in the turbulent world of big-timber logging and labor unrest in
late-1930s America.

This is The Woods, part coming of age story, part historical novel. It is the story of Albert learning to survive in a dangerous and unforgiving environment; Albert’s mother, Lydia, struggling to restart her life after Albert’s father is killed in the woods; WWI veteran and Skybillings owner, Bud Cole, trying to rebuild his dream after the market crash destroyed him; and savvy firebrand Clare Ristall campaigning to win a political election, build a new union – and win Lydia’s love.

The Woods is a beautiful panorama of lives and dreams during
one of the most defining moments of American history, as have’s and have-not’s,
the powerful and the ordinary, struggle to survive in the wake of economic
upheaval. This is a book that paints the inner complexities and nuances of its
characters as beautifully as it portrays the raw splendor of the Northwest’s ice-topped peaks and unrelenting natural power of the woods themselves.



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We hope you enjoy a new feature on our site: That is, "Read The Woods", a WordVirgin book, for free -- at least the opening chapters. And if we get a good response, we may publish the whole thing here for free. Let us know what you think. 

The Woods is a big, bawdy, sprawling saga set in America's Pacific Northwest during the waning years of the Great Depression. It's a cross between Lonesome Dove, by Larry McMurtry and Joe Hill by Wallace Stegner.  Click here to start.

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